About un

We created Urban Nomads to offer the lifestyle of remote working, a platform to connect with like-minded individuals, an ecosystem, and the freedom to design your best life. We partner with local organizations and businesses, which provide our members genuine experiences. We believe in empowering individuals and hence they can make decisions on where to work, when to work, and whom to work for — all to create a life of balance, driven by purpose.

Our Core Beliefs


We connect people to unique experiences under one roof. We believe people can be more united and empowered. We are realizing the dream of creating a global ecosystem by bringing incredible individuals under one roof. They come from different parts of the world, different professional domains, and from various races. The objective of the ecosystem is to support each other, co-create, lift each other, and drive a positive impact in society.


It is the core part of Urban Nomads DNA. Sustainability governs what we do. We offer multiple services under one roof and try to optimize the resources to their fullest potential. The lifestyle choices we make have a major impact on the surroundings we live in, hence it is important to understand these choices. After all “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth”. 


An individual may get an education but the educated individual can get the exposure that cannot be guaranteed. We are creating a platform where individuals are exposed to opportunities, experiential learning, mentoring, cross-culture, sociology, and self-sustainability. The limitation of living in a geographically bounded space shall not bound the imagination and exposure of an individual.

What do we offer?


We all know the old saying, “home is where the heart is.” Increasingly, urban residents have been looking for places that foster a sense of community, as well as providing great accommodation. It is a well-known fact that people have a growing sense of isolation in our ever more connected world. We are here to solve that with our functional living space designed with comfortable living units, a fully equipped community kitchen, accessible laundry and hassle-free living.


A physical space that helps foster productivity and interaction isn’t a guarantor of success for ambitious businesses, the built environment is undoubtedly an important contributor to the growth of many startups. The benefits of purposefully designed workplaces are no secret. We are more than a co-working space, we are a  community that is geared towards freelancers, solopreneurs, digital nomads, or remote workers of any kind, with the emphasis on work-life balance.

Building Ecosystem

Urban Nomads through its integrated space also wants to develop an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, students, freelancers, remote professionals and explorers.   The aim of building an ecosystem is to foster lifetime value to our target customers via value exchange and cross-collaboration.

Venue Collaboration

We also offer our space for close-circuit events, workshops and un-conference activities. In this way, we try to offer support to our strategic business partners and bring value to our members' lifestyles by engaging them in various activities.


The key stakeholders of the Ecosystem:


The early-stage entrepreneurs look for seed funding and key human capital. Through our ecosystem, Urban Nomads will link potential entrepreneurs/startups to angel investors. Through our professional match-making platform, we will link freelancers to the startups to identify key human capital.

Corporate Professionals

These professionals are busy climbing the corporate ladder. During their stay at Urban Nomads, they can get exposure to remote working culture, hence they may level up by upskilling themselves through various skill-oriented workshops or can choose their own mentor among numerous freelancers.

Explorers & Artists

Explorers, Travellers and Artists are the creative individuals who add liveliness to the ecosystem. They bring soul and stability to the house full of purpose-driven nomads. These creative minds need the audience to interact, showcase their talents and eventually need constructive feedback. Thus our ecosystem is a perfect blend of active, excited, innovative, creative and sustainable nomads.

Freelancers / Digital Nomads

They hustle continuously to identify key clients, the ecosystem of Urban Nomads can bridge the gap between our fellow Nomads & their clients. These experienced freelancers and digital nomads can act as growth drivers and mentors for our corporate professionals and students.


Urban Nomads also believe in nurturing the young minds who often look for exposure, skill development and career opportunities. The young minds have a house full of experts coming from leading industries. They can choose their own mentors and can participate in various skill development programmes. Their hiring opportunities increased multifold due to our ecosystem of vibrant key stakeholders.

Our Team

Founding Team is a mix of childhood friends and friends who met chilling at a backpacker hostel & during a workshop.

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