Growing Culture of Digital Nomadism

Updated: May 16

Despite the terrible pandemic pushing more people into their homes, a few professionals have found in this havoc unique freedom.

Covid-19 has disrupted what we traditionally understood as work-life balance, making us develop our professional and personal desires into new and exciting arenas, including an erstwhile unrecognized combination of tourism, technology, and office work.

Digital nomads- people working remotely through a web of telecommunication and internet software- are slowly taking the world by storm with their unique approach to the conventional nine-to-five. The Digital Nomad culture is essentially a basic strategy of putting two and two together and finding a lifestyle that accommodates all the work required to run a start-up but makes close-to-no demands on location-specific working.

This means that a digital nomad can travel to their heart’s content while carrying their office in their backpack. Any quiet spot can become a temporary working environment, and any supportive group of kindred nomadic spirits can become home.

Research shows that the biggest advantages of being a digital nomad in India include:

● An intricate public transport network (particularly the railways), ● Relatively low cost of living compared to countries in Europe or North America that also sport a digital nomadic culture, ● A rising stake in the technological capital of the world, ● A growing youth culture that favors nomadic living.

With the second wave wreaking havoc across the nation, finding a secure, attractive, and affordable workspace has become more important than ever. At #Urbannomads, we provide that and so much more.

With top-class housing, catering, covid-vigilant amenities, a handy coliving, and coworking environment, and above all, a close-knit community culture, we are exactly what you need to bring out the Nomad in you.

The Digital Nomad world is expanding, and we could not be more excited.

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